Welcome to the Anime Track at Dragon Con

Dragon ConWelcome to the Anime/Manga track of Dragon Con!

The Anime/Manga track at Dragon Con continues to be the place for anime fans! We create a special track devoted exclusively to anime, manga and media from the Land of the Rising Sun and beyond. We will be having a wide array of panels, speakers and workshops covering everything from classic anime, the history of manga, the future of the industry, and how to break into the business. Guests will include professionals, creators and insiders from all over the industry. There will also be a full schedule of anime video programming. These events are guaranteed to satisfy even the most ravenous otaku.

If you’re new to the fandom, or been a fan for many years, feel free to stop on by. We have something for everyone. We delve into the history of Japanese animation, art and comic books. Come vist our track to find out even more about this popular fandom, and maybe even a new favorite or two!

With the support of the people from Arashi Productions, Momocon, MTAC, Operation Anime Storm, the Laughing Man Squad, and a host of industry insiders, this is always one of the most exciting anime/manga events on the continent.

Come and be a part of the anime/manga revolution!

We’re still working out our line up for Dragon Con 2014, so please check back in the following months for more information, guest announcements, and our track schedule!


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