Guest Announcement: Brina Palencia

Joining us at Dragon*Con’s Anime/Manga Track this year will be voice actress Brina M. Palencia, who has done extensive work with FUNimation and fellow DC guest Chris Sabat’s audio production company, OkraTron 5000. Ms. Palencia is a music graduate hailing from the University of North Texas, and has served many roles in the world of dubbing, including working as the music director for popular series Dragon Ball Z Kai, Negima!?, and Rosario+Vampire and as voice director for xxxHolic, School Rumble, Moon Phase and Black Blood Brothers among other series. As a voice actress Ms. Palencia has played a number of roles ranging from the voices of females of all ages and young males (and a handful of adorable mascot characters such as Chopper from One Piece and Tamama from Sgt. Frog). She is also an accomplished singer, performing several opening and ending themes for Negima!?, One Piece, and the Dragon Ball series.

While Ms. Palencia works mainly with anime she’s also worked as a voice actress for a number of video games (some uncredited), shorts, and a handful of films. She’s also a former hostess of GameStop TV.

For a sample of Ms. Palencia’s work, see the following:



Memories (English Ending #1 for One Piece):

Party Join Us (English Ending for Crayon Shin-Chan):


Voice Acting

Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece):


Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka and Test):


A full listing of her various roles is available on her IMDb listing.

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